Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday

I have done a lot of picking out on this block.  More than I have ever done ever!  And I probably need to do more.  I don't like going backwards.  grrrr  However, my 'tree', upper right, is just not working for me.  This is the third or fourth incarnation and I still don't like it.  In fact the first way I did it  liked the best but I didn't have enough beads to finish it.  That is a bit frustrating.  I also picked out some lazy daisy stitches that I had done and put in some small, flower beads.  Ultimately I know that I will be glad that I persisted and I have to be confident that it will all come together.
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Renee said...

It is always so frustrating when the picture in your mind does not want to cooperate with the one on the fabric. I hope it works out to your liking soon! I love watching this block progress - it is such a fun landscape.

Queeniepatch said...

Well, that is a learning progress I guess. It is so easy to imagine a look and hard to created it, don't you think?

Suztats said...

I think what throws the tree off for me is the dark seam treatment to the right. It makes it look as though the tree is listing.....I think a paler treatment wouldn't steal the eye away from the tree trunk, and perhaps bolstering it (looks like a batik stem) with some stitching might make it stand up straighter. At least, that's how it looks to me..... it's frustrating when things don't work out the way we see them in our imagination.