Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Work in Progress Wednesday

I have been experimenting with chalk pastels on fabric.  I love the way they blend.  A spray fixative sets them and then adding stitch isn't messy.  I have no idea if this is permanent after washing.  I don't care, as I don't plan to wash my art.
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Queeniepatch said...

BEAUTIFUL blend of colours. It is easy and fun to work with crayons on fabric. I usually set my work with an iron (and a sheet of baking parchment between the hot iron and the crayon). It sets beautiful and I think it can withstand gentle washing.
Are you going to do anything more to this wonderful sunset?

Judy said...

Love this piece. I want to see where you take this and how it stands up to further work.

Anonymous said...

That looks just like an Arizona desert sunset.