Thursday, August 25, 2016

Journal page week 34

Whatever you are.. be a good one.  I don't love this quote.  I don't always feel good enough, I think we all feel that at times.  I feel like there are times when we shouldn't put the pressure of being good on ourselves.  It is okay to be mediocre.  It is okay to just enjoy the process.  This page is not good but I had fun doing it and that is fine with me.

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Queeniepatch said...

It is an interesting quote; the Japanese would agree fully, the Swedish would disagree. I think one of the first words a Japanese hears is 'gambatte' (do your best). The newly delivered baby is told to take a deep breath and 'do your best'. It is also said to someone on his/her deathbed, 'stay with us' 'do your best'. With this command flung at you every day it is natural to try to do better and improve everything you do.
Most Swedish people, however, cherish the wonky, the imperfect and the incomplete.