Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Take a Stitch Tuesday

This is my Knotted Buttonhole band, beaded version.  It looks okay.  I have to say that stitching  was trying my patience today.  I had to walk away for a bit.  Stitching is supposed to be relaxing not frustrating.  Thanks to Sharon B at http://pintangle.com/2016/09/06/tast-stitch-54/ for the instructions.


Rengin Yazitas said...

It looks so pretty, shows a nice result of your patience:))
Rengin, in Istanbul

Queeniepatch said...

I know just how you felt. Stitching can indeed be frustraighting. Or it is the thread that is tangling, twisting, breaking, splitting or knotting itself. Then beads can make you boil over, especially if you dropp them on the floor!!!