Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Take a Stitch Tuesday

Here is my Linked Double Chain.  I really thought that I had done this stitch previously.  Funny how the memory works or doesn't.  I am glad that I always post a comment on Sharon B's blog when I do try a stitch.  It helps to keep a trail/reminder.  As usual, my stitches are loose and open.  I admire those whose stitches are ever so neat and tidy but I am learning to not be critical of myself for not stitching in that way.  My relaxed fun loving nature is coming through in my stitches.


Julie Bagamary said...


Queeniepatch said...

and the best way to let that fun free form embroidery style come out is on a crazy quilt! Anything goes!
I have the same problem - I can't always remember which of the TAST stitches I have done. I have to refer to my TAST reference chart.