Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Work in Progress Wednesday

Another quilt finished feels really good.  A very large leaf was printed in multiple colors to create this one.  I like that the leaf is heart shaped.  I hand embroidered and hand quilted it.  I got this quilt done just in time to show it to a senior's group yesterday.  I was teaching them how to do some nature printing on paper but they loved that it could be done on fabric as well.
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I paint a thin coat of fabric paint onto the back of the leaf.  Then press the leaf onto the fabric.  It is a simple process but a bit tricky to get the right amount of paint on the leaf.  It is always good to practice a bit first.


fndlmous said...

I really like the ethereal effect you've achieved. I must try this, as I think it works very well.
Pat F in Winnipeg

Susan said...

How did you paint these leaves on fabric? However you did it, they look wonderful! Thank you for sharing on Midweek Makers

Queeniepatch said...

That is a good example of what can be printed on fabric - and paper!
The leave has a lovely shape. This could be a St Valentine quilt!

Peg's Place said...

So beautiful. Hand stitching is the best!