Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Work in Progress Wednesday

I have already started working on my next 'sinchie' for our guild challenge.  The challenge is to work in a six-inch square format and the colour for March is brown.  Brown is not a colour that I use very often so I wanted to get right on this one.  I am going for a very textured piece that will look like the forest floor.  I have some silk pod pieces and heated tyvek pieces just sitting on top and not adhered yet.  I like the way it is coming but it definitely needs something else.  I won't attach the silk pod and tyvek pieces until I figure out what else is needed. 
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Susan said...

You nailed it - a forest floor was my first impression. Well done!

rtquilter said...

Looking really good, Angela! Well done You! Can't wait to see the finished piece!!!

Ela said...

You are very talented !!!