Thursday, September 6, 2018


I have been having an awful lot of fun creating these tiny collages.  I have some old playing cards that I sand and then adhere a paper napkin.  Then a few collage bits are added and finally some words.  I have an 80-year-old art book that I have been using.  I randomly tear out a page and then scan it for the right words.  Phrases jump off the page at me and I glue them down.  I think looking for the right words is so much fun.  Not sure why that tickles my fancy so well.  Pictured above is the set I created yesterday.  I have made three sets so far and can see myself doing this again and again.

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Queeniepatch said...

'Let me make myself quite clear' this is great art. 'I can' say these playing cards are not 'just one of those things' that anyone can create. It proves the creator to be 'great an artist in her own way' who has 'learned to express her innermost feelings'....
Sorry if the grammar is not any good, but the cards certainly are! Have more fun, please!