Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Work in Progress Wednesday

Lots of texture going on here.  This is my interpretation of the forest floor.  I have adhered burlap, lace, yarn, paper leaves, and a needle felted leaf.  Oh yes, and paint.  This piece has become quite stiff with all the glue and paint.  I am not sure if I will be able to add any stitching to it.  The plan is for it to become a cover for an altered book I am creating.  I have some leaf shaped beads that I would love to add and will have to give it try.  Hopefully, it isn't too miserable to stitch.
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Glenda said...

Angela its fabulous, and sure looks like the rainforest fall around where I live. Have you ever tried using a tooth brush to add a little extra to these wee wall arts you are making, you mix up some paint and then dip your tooth brush in face the brush towards the block and run your finger along the top of the brush or pull it along the top of the brush practice on some paper first! Cheers Glenda

Susan said...

Looking at the picture first, I thought, hmm, what is this? But then it made sense when you said it was the forest floor - perfect!