Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Work in Progress Wednesday

My crazy quilt block for March is coming along.  Most of the fabrics are my own surface treated designs.  There is definitely a certain pleasure in using these fabrics.  There was great pleasure in creating them in the first place.  There is still a fair amount of embellishing to do on this block.  I am hoping to get a good chunk of that done today as I have to work.  Aren't I blessed that I get to do some stitching at my job?

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Queeniepatch said...

Who does not envy you your job!?
You make such beautiful things and here you have a buffet of beautiful fabric and buttons.

Denise said...

Very pretty. I'm a late comer, is this going to be a full quilt or mini? I work from home and have a longarm in my office :)

Angela said...

Thanks Denise! I haven't completely decided what I will do with this block. I am leaning towards putting it into a larger quilt though.