Saturday, May 25, 2019

Guild 'Sinchies'

Yesterday was the last day The Grand Guild was at the Quilt and Fibre Festival in St. Jacobs.  So glad I remembered to get a photo of our 'sinchie' display.  The guild is full of talented artists so it is a bit disappointing that there wasn't one piece that made me say 'oh, wow'.  There are loads of good pieces though.

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Queeniepatch said...

It is always nice to see one's own work on display.
When you look at quilts at a show, do your have some kind of plan? I mean do you look for quilts that are perfect, or pink, or have a lot of embroidery? Do you look for a quilt you wish you had made, a quilt that has a unique technique, or a quilt with a message...
When I go to a quilt show, I grade quilts according to how much I would be willing to pay for them, or if I would love to have them in my home, I also look for craftsmanship and innovation.