Slow Stitching Sunday

This is the start of my crazy quilt project for December.  I am doing it the same way I did last month.  I have chosen a block that I inherited from my husband's Aunt Pat.  She had done most of the embroidery on it but there was still more to do to finish it.  I am choosing to finish the block in my own way.  I have added laces and paint.  I have stitched on a few sequins.  There is still lots more to do.  I better get at it!  December is pretty busy. 

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Karrin Hurd said…
Great project. Can't wait to see what you do with it!
Denise :) said…
What a very pretty block! How lovely to have inherited this sweet piece; enjoy your continued stitching on it!! :)
Sarah said…
Gorgeous colours!
Kim said…
How lovely to work on such a pretty piece. You are the perfect person to inherit this pretty piece as you will make it even more beautiful with your clever stitching.
Quilter Kathy said…
The creativity of Angela combined with Aunt Pat's is very inspiring!

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