Slow Stitching Sunday

Well, I dove in and did the face yesterday.  I am definitely not happy with it.  Even unhappy enough to pick it out.  I hate picking out but it needs to be done.  I may be able to salvage some of it.  At least I hope I can.  I am unclear as to how to fix it right now.  Maybe once I pick some of the beads I will have a better idea.  That is two fails this week.  Lessons learned, move on.  

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CathieJ said…
I have been waiting to see the finished pup. I am surprised that you aren't happy with the face as I think the whole pup is adorable and I really like the face. I hope you figure out how to make it so you love it.
Karrin Hurd said…
I love your dog and your beautiful beading. Hope you get it to come out the way you want, I think it is wonderful the way it is!
Kim said…
Why, I was just about to say how gorgeous your be-jewelled pup is. You are not happy with his face?? I will be interested in seeing what you change. I know what you mean though, when we are not happy with some stitching, the need to do it again. I don't envy you pulling out all those tiny will, and redo what makes your artistic heart happy; and your sweet pup will put a smile on your face.
Sherrie said…
I've made lots of boo boo's over the years, and yes, got the
seam ripper out and ripped it all out. But once you get the
way you will be beautiful...have a great day!
Queeniepatch said…
I, too, think the face is great and charming,, but it is YOU who need to be satisfied. If that beading does not feel right, you have to redo it. Good luck.

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