Slow Stitching Sunday

 I have made some progress on my whole cloth crazy quilt.   I am enjoying using my templates more than I thought I would.  I am also enjoying my new threads.  Figuring out the stitches to use has been a bit challenging.  I want to make sure that they cover the marked line.  I have enjoyed looking through my stitch dictionaries for inspiration.  It is making the process slower and that is a good thing.  I can tend to rush a project.

Have a great week of stitching!

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Kim said…
The different embroidery stitches flowing from the gorgeous embroidered block look fabulous, Angela. I can just imagine the plethora of stitches in your stitch dictionaries. It looks as if you are indeed enjoying imagining this whole cloth crazy quilt. I cannot wait to see what you stitch next.
That looks like fun with the different stitches and threads to play with! How big will the finished piece be?
CathieJ said…
I like that you are using a variety of stitches. This looks very pretty. Enjoy the process.
R's Rue said…
I’m glad you are enjoying yourself trying new things. Have fun.

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