I Like

I like that I have a solo show of my mandalas at the end of the year.  I like that there is a goal for me to work towards.  When first discussing this show I was expecting to be using a smaller space and therefore thinking that I would only be showing my stitched mandala.  I like that they are open to me including my paper mandalas now that I have been offered such a large space. I have been considering how I would make that work.  The lower image is how I am envisioning the installation.  I like that my son Jeremy was able to create that image for me.  He is so talented and clever.  It will be approximately 10 feet by 10 feet.

I like creating mandalas and have close to 400 that will go into this installation.  That number is just the loose mandalas and doesn't include the ones done in journals and altered books!  That's a lot of mandalas!  I guess my need for meditation and peace is pretty strong!

I like creating period end of sentence.  It is an essential part of my thriving.  I like that I have an abundance of time to create.  I recognize that it is truly a privilege.  

Thank you to Leeanna at Not Afraid of Color for hosting.  I am also linking to Little Things Thursday


LA Paylor said…
oooo I am intrigued by mandalas and made them in series for a while... I LOVE the completeness of them, the unending circle, the variety possible. They are so satisfying, I sure wish I could see your show... take a lot of pics to share with us from a distance, or better yet a video of walking around it, narrating... if you share that on youtube we can all "go"
Beverly said…
this is exciting! I'm very much looking forward to your exhibit.
the large piece with dozens of paper mandala's - great mock-up by your son,
should be very joyful in colour!
Your paper piece is amazing, and how exciting to have a show.
PaintedThread said…
Very cool! And congrats on your installation!
Queeniepatch said…
I like that you post every day and share your progress with us.
I like to see your mandalas - every one is unique.
I like that you are enjoying the progress.
I like that I have access to the internet.
I like that I entered the blogging world and can share my enthusiasm with others.
There is so much to be grateful for.
The show will be grand!
nwilliams6 said…
So cool you are doing so many mandalas. I have never done one but am very interested in trying one. Lovely work here!

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