Another Finish

 After reworking some of the seams on this piece I realized the centre was lacking.  The small doily appeared perfect at first.  I love hunting through my stash to find the right thing.  I found a piece of vintage jewelry that was broken.  Well, missing a part.  I added a faux gem to the centre and then stitched it down.  I am much happier with it now.  It feels pretty great to another mandala finished.  I look forward to seeing all my mandalas hanging together in one show.

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Mary Ann Tate said…
It's beautiful. I love it :)
sonja said…
how charming this turned out. I love your vintage feel on this piece. I just came across several crochet pot holders like your center that were in a box of linens. Now you have inspired me to hang them on the kitchen wall!
Queeniepatch said…
This is one of those mandala where you can stand and look at the details for a long time. The centre piece is a jewel!

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