Slow Stitching Sunday

 I have added another round of stitching to this mandala.  I think the purple flower sequins work well but there needed to be something in between them.  I decided on a green straight stitch.  I gathered my supplies and went to stitch on the deck.  As I was about to start stitching it dawned on me that this would be the perfect time to add a blending filament to the green cotton I had chosen.  This is something I have been meaning to do and never had.  Such a simple way to add just a big of shimmer.  I usually go for full on shimmer!  You may have to enlarge the photo to be able to see it clearly.  

The circle in the centre is a piece of experimental needle felting.  Which I love but now thanks to sweet hubby is bothering me a bit.  When I showed him the piece he stared at it with a furrowed brow.  When I asked him what was the problem he explained he was trying to figure out what the centre is.  He needs things to be representational and should know better that I do not.  All of that to say that now I am pondering if the centre should be reworked, beaded or embroidery added.  

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Karrin Hurd said…
I think the center is fine the way it is. Love how this is coming out!
Husbands do always seem to have a different take on our creative ideas! (Mine always wants me to make something that is gray or brown...ummm, no.) I was more focused on your different stitches around the center. The flower sequins are so pretty, and I do like the stitches connecting them!
CathieJ said…
To me your center looks like a representation of the globe. I think it looks perfect.
Kim said…
Sometimes; husbands??!! =) I wonder if you will embellish the centre or leave it? I rather love it just the way it is. It is filled with lovely colour and pattern. And of course the embroidery skipping around it is splendid. Love the shimmer of the green thread. It looks fabulous in between the pretty purple flowers.
Queeniepatch said…
I feel just like CathieJ, the centre piece is just like a picture of the globe, and where is the centre of the globe?
A simple Straight Stitch is sometimes the only thing we need.

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