Alcohol ink gelli print

 This gelli print on fabric wasn't overly successful.  It isn't quite as washed out as it photographed but it is quite pale.  I am not one who throws away unsuccessful experiments.  There is no 'away' for one and two redemption is a running undercurrent in my work.  

This is the perfect size to add to my word of the month textile journal.  My word this month is flourish.  Wouldn't it be great if we all flourished in our lives?  Now, how to make this piece flourish.  I think it is okay to leave the print as is even though my first instinct was to punch up the colour.  It is the word flourish that I want to have centre stage.

Each month the challenge is how to stitch the word.  I have done running stitch, french knots, mixed media and beading.  The right idea will come to me, they always do.  When it is the middle of the month being patient isn't easy.  I want the idea now!

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I can definitely see there's a soft, beautiful tree there! I'm sure you'll make it flourish!!!

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