Mandala Monday

 I literally have a stack of these paper collage mandalas that I have been playing with.  For now, when I finish one I put them in a box.  It is alright that I don't know what will come next for these mandalas.  If they only ever sit in the box that is okay too.  I exercise my creativity regularly creating my mandalas.  I honestly wish that everyone would exercise their creativity regularly.  Think how much more beauty could be created!  


Queeniepatch said…
I agree that exercising one's creativity is a good thing, giving pleasure to the artist himself/ herself. Decorating your own home or workspace with this art is fine, but I am worried about this creativity being displayed anywhere and everywhere. I am sure you have found art that you didn't like in a public space. It might be a sculpture by a famous artist placed in a square or park by the local government.
It might be graffiti in the subway or even on your own shop front created at night by a teenager with too much paint in the spray can and too many drugs in the system.
YOUR art would always make me smile wherever it is.

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