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 Inner Rebel vs Inner Perfectionist.  I saw this somewhere and it made me think.  I definitely have a very strong inner rebel and I LIKE her a LOT.  The inner perfectionist was long ago banished but does pop up to harrass me once in a while.  I don't take her too seriously though and continue down my happy road of doing things my own way.  Of course, doing things my own way doesn't always work out but I learn from it so nothing is wasted.  

I really like the art pictured above.  It was done by a senior in one of my classes.  I think she was embracing her inner rebel as this looks nothing like the project I was presenting.  I kind of love that!  She breezed into the class did her own thing and left.  Good on her!

We have been watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix and really enjoying it.  In one of the early episode the main character Uhtred was described as untamable.  Of course, I love him!  If someone described me that way I would be very happy!

Thank you LeeAnna for hosting our lovely gang!


LA Paylor said…
happy friendsgiving my untammable friend!
I always told students strive for excellence over perfection
Love, LeeAnna
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Hail Fellow, well met, Inner Rebel! 🙃
That is such a good thing to think about - inner rebel vs inner perfectionist! I don't embrace my inner rebel often enough. I love that artwork, too. I went to one of those "Paint and Sip" places one time, and was trying to do exactly what the artist was teaching us, but I looked behind me and another lady was just putting blotches of Color on her canvas. Who knew you could do that?! :)
Queeniepatch said…
Hello, Untamable!
It is important to follow our hearts whenever we can and create the art that feels right to us. So Ms Perfect likes to be perfect and uses a ruler and draws straight lines. Ms Untamable, on the other hand, is happiest when she can let her hair down and do whatever she likes with paint, colour, beads, metallic thread and all other shiny things. Follow your heart and go for it.

I like your student who went her own way and created a stunning picture without paying attention to the teacher!
I love this discussion about the two very different qualities we can have. I've had to work very hard not to let the perfectionist in me win.
For a while on my blog I wouldn't show anything I was quilting because I didn't think it good enough. I've conquered that but still have to work at taming negative thoughts about my projects. How I wish I was untameable!! Thanks for raising this topic.

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