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 March 16 2023

prompt: do you like Spring flowers? Which ones are your favorites? Do
you plant them in your yard? is there a particular color you like? Any
interesting story to tell about seeing Spring flowers emerge? Is there a
time you were stunned seeing a whole collection of them somewhere like I
was at Longwood Gardens?

I can't imagine anyone not liking spring flowers!  What is not to like?  We are still covered in snow so there is nothing blooming right now.  I have seen a robin and heard their cheerful song.  That is one of the first signs of spring in my area.  Always welcome!

I am not much of a gardener.  Mainly because of the two large trees on our property.  They give plenty of shade so not much grows.  I wish it were otherwise but have decided to go with the flow.  Instead I am making art to put in my garden.  I have created some cheerfully coloured totems which I have in the backyard.  I can't find a  photo of them.  

I have also created some whimsical glass sculptures for my front garden.  A little girl passing by gasped and exclaimed so funky!  That made my day.  I am just trying to add some colour and fun to my home!

Thanks LeeAnna and the gang for the fun I Like posts!


I'm not much of a gardener either. My husband loves planting trees and flowers. I agree, after a long winter, how can you not love flowers??! It's the promise of warmer temps and sunnier days for the future!
I love it when the robins show up around here, too! You need to take some pictures of your totems and glass sculptures that are in the yard and share them - I would love to see them!
Queeniepatch said…
In Japan, spring is the right time for flowers. Later in summer, it is either too wet or too hot. In spring, however, there are many varieties of flowers. I think I like cherry blossoms the best.
Linda said…
I would love to see your "funky" glass sculptures!
PaintedThread said…
The prior owners planted lots of bulbs here, so we get lots of spring color (when it comes) without doing anything. Wonderful! :-)
LA Paylor said…
I like a yard ornament!!! I want to see your totems, and want to make one for us, how did you do it? I had a friend in MD who made yard sculptures out of old glass serving dishes, they were so cool, and funky is my style

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