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The I Like group was asked 
do you plant a vegetable garden or pots of herbs? What are your
favorites to plant? Do you prepare seeds in advance or buy little
plants? A raised bed, patio pots, or in ground? Any suggestions to what
grows well? Varieties you enjoy?

When we first moved to this house my Dad and I planted a large vegetable garden.  When my children came along their baby food was homegrown.  I was a hipster before the word had been invented! But as our huge maple tree got bigger and bigger the garden had less and less sun.  The garden got smaller and smaller until there was none.  

Last summer I was noticing with our new deck that there was a small area that got a lot of sunshine.  It made me consider doing some small container gardening this year.  I will need to research what will grow well in a container.  I know for sure tomatoes and plan to have at least one plant.  Hopefully, I will learn from the great group that shares every Thursday with LeeAnna.

I doubt that I will plant anything from seeds.  I know it is more expensive but I would rather buy a plant that is already started.  Maybe I am not as patient as I thought I was!

I love the taste of fresh-grown food.  I can imagine some crunchy delicious salads this summer.  Made all the more pleasant by eating them on my deck.  The weather is getting warmer but there is still a fair amount of snow out there.  

I am still liking my doggy boarding/daycare business.  I am learning a lot.  Banksy is such a good dog and I have to learn to trust his extinct more.  He barked and barked at the dog we met this morning which is not usual for him.  They played a bit but it got too rough pretty quick and Banksy was not happy about it.  This is not a good fit and saying no is the best way to go.  Sometimes it takes me a bit of time to recognize all the signs but I get there eventually.  I tend to want to give the other dog the benefit of the doubt but my boy has to come first.  


Linda said…
Wow you were really trendy when homegrown wasn't trendy with your big garden! I'm going to be looking at container gardening too this year. I honestly think it's more expensive to start from seed, because those seed packets aren't cheap and the soil starter isn't cheap. Still, if I had room and no cats around, I'd do it! Glad you are enjoying your pet biz.
PaintedThread said…
I find gardening very satisfying (especially when it works right... but even the failures are learning experiences). Good luck with your sunny patch!
Your yard sounds a lot like mine! We used to get lots of sun and could have a big garden, but then the trees grew and everything is too shady now. But container gardening works pretty well because you can move the pots where things grow better.
I wish I was a gardener but I'm not! My husband loves it so I let him do it. I do help him out from time to time and I give him lots of encouragement!
Yes, you were ahead of thinking to grow and make your own food for the children Angela. How nice to have had such productive gardens. I agree that container gardening is also worthwhile and enjoyable. Interesting to hear you are dog sitting. With the land here, I've thought I should do something like that as I love dogs so much. But as you say your lovely pet must always come first.
LA Paylor said…
me too on homegrown food. Glad you're letting banksy take the lead, they sniff out the good from the trouble and we just follow their lead. People would ask if they could pet Milo and I said, if he wants you to he'll let you know! Mostly he likes kids and the truly calm adult

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