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Thank you LeeAnna and the gang!  It is fun to be apart of this good group.  

This week we were asked:

do you make a special baked good for Easter? For example, Rugalach or
hot cross buns?  Have a story about this or a recipe to share?

I am not much of a baker.  The last time I made a cake from scratch it turned out as flat as a pancake.  Well, that was probably the second last time.  The last time I made a cake it turned out with a mushroom top.  The kind of top you want your muffins to have but I never do.   There are a few pies that I make that are good but I buy the ready-made crusts.

I have a very simple banana bread recipe that my granddaughter and I make and it always turns out.  Everyone seems to like it.  I always have some overly ripe bananas in the freezer ready for that.  

Our Easter meal is always at my MIL's house.  We usually celebrate my BIL's birthday at the same time.  So I don't do much for Easter.  This year I have a dog to look after so I may not attend.  We will have to see how that goes.

I like playing around with Kaleidoscope Kreator as I am sure almost everyone knows.  I usually start with an image of my own artwork.  I found one with some Easter-like colours.  It would be even better if I knew how to morph this into an egg shape.  


Hi Angela, Banana Bread is loved here in this house and I make it fairly often. I don't bake much else either. So you are dog sitting too. I'm finding it distracting me from my stitching mostly, though they are good dogs. Anyway, have a great weekend.
I love banana bread, too, and it is also one of those few baked goods that always turn out well for me. At least we have that, right?! :)
PaintedThread said…
Banana bread is surprisingly good stuff!
Queeniepatch said…
In Sweden there is a small cake often made at Easter, it's the Sunny Side Up Cake. The base is a flat piece of sponge cake, the size of a fried egg. You place half a tinned apricot in the middle and spread whipped cream around it! Children love making this 'fried egg'.

BEFORE Easter, during Lent, a special bun is eaten on Tuesdays. Imagine a sizeable soft table roll seasoned with cardamon. The top is cut off and kept at the side for the time being. The innards are then taken out and mixed with marzipan and replaced inside the bun. A good measure of whipped cream is piped around the top, the cut off top is put on as a lid and dusted with icing sugar. The bun is placed in a soup bowl and hot milk is poured around it. You need a soup spoon to eat this floating delicacy! The mixture of soggy cardamon bun, sweet almondy marzipan, whupped double cream and hot milk is delicious!
LA Paylor said…
I switched this year to banana muffins, easier to grab and eat than waiting to cut an actual slice... lol
they are rich and moist. I watch the great british baking show and learned so much about the chemistry of baking and how long to stir, when to add ingredients, etc. Even dh who is hard of learning and remembering when it comes to cooking, now quotes the show, ha! he's my sous chef
Your "watch" dog situation is enviable as I just love the companionship of dogs. I'd stay home for him. Once I pet sat a friend's home for weeks... I got to take care of a wonderful older pup, and a cat who liked to be petted while eating. LeeAnna

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