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Thank you LeeAnna for keeping this lovely group going!

do you have a favorite musical style?  For fun:  what kind of music
calms you, makes you want to dance, or stimulates you creatively?

I like a lot of different music.  The soundtrack from the first Guardians of the Galaxy is one of my favourites.  Mostly I like upbeat joyful sort of music.  Katrina and the Waves' song Walking on Sunshine always gets me moving.  Mozart can help me get in the groove creatively.  Last weekend one of my favourite songs for dancing, I don't know the name of it, with my hubby was playing.  The whole family was here and normally I would not dance with them here.  However, I really needed to dance and so we did.  Our three grandchildren came into the kitchen to watch us.  They had huge smiles on their faces.  So good!

I have been thinking a lot about creativity and what a gift it is.  I choose to honour that gift and practice art daily.  Some aspects of the creative life are a real slog though.  Being an artist is not for the faint of heart.  Still, I am doggedly determined to 'make it' in the art world.  I was cleaning out my old emails this morning and was encouraged.  In my art folder, there were numerous acceptances in 2018.  I got to be the Artist in Residence at Ayr Library and I was contracted to do my first installation.  Both were pretty big deals for me.  I am so grateful to remember those opportunities.  Hopefully, there will be more along those lines.

I am not sure if I will be able to participate next week.  I am heading to Italy and Switzerland for a much-needed vacation.  I really like the prompt though.  I might be able to squeeze in writing my blog about it before leaving.  Do forgive me for not visiting your blogs next week though!


You've got me singing now! "I'm walking on sunshine!" The stitching in your photo is just gorgeous - I had to zoom in to see it up close. Have a wonderful trip, too!
Queeniepatch said…
Music, especially upbeat and relaxing tunes are very important for our well-being. So is the feeling of success and being accepted as an artist. From time to time we need a holiday and no demands. Enjoy your trip and DON'T visit my blog! All the best for a wonderful vacation.
LA Paylor said…
you can post date the blog post if you like. I'm jelly of you going to places I'd like to visit! Take some pics for me, and check in to see all the celebrities people have encountered!
Loved your dancing story, and I have to listen to the galaxy music, never heard it
PaintedThread said…
Italy AND Switzerland! Have fun!
I love that picture you posted. Such gorgeous stitching! It sounds like you're doing great. Enjoy your trip. I'm sure it will be beautiful in Italy and Switzerland!
Angie said…
Angela - "Walking on Sunshine" is a song that is hard to resist at any time! Good choice for getting the blood flowing. Enjoy your trip to Italy and Switzerland. Two lovely places. We are in the UK right now and enjoying every moment.
Angie said…
Angela - I forgot to click "not a robot" so I am not sure if my comment will show up. "Walking on Sunshine" is a song that is sure to get one moving and the blood flowing. Enjoy your trip to Italy and Switzerland - two beautiful places. We are in the UK right now and enjoying every moment.

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