Mandala Monday

 Mandalas are such a beautiful way to play with colour.  This mandala is all about colour. When it comes to my paper mandalas I haven't really explored adding texture all that much.  It might be interesting to do more of that. I have tried using some embossing powder and micro glass beads.  Those mandalas turned out okay but not great.   More need to be tried.  I would also like to explore more substrates for my mandalas.  Mostly it has been paper or cloth.  Those are my two favourites but for sure there have to be others to explore.


Queeniepatch said…
Paper can be structured by folding. If you add a lot of creases you will automatically get a texture even if you try to flatten the paper. The if you display the creased mandala with a spotlight the lights and shadows will give you a new kind of look.

This mandala is so beautiful in its colour and contrast.

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