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 I like flowers and I like photographing flowers.  I saw this gorgeous hibiscus on a walk last week.  Stunning!  Is there anyone who doesn't like flowers?  I guess it is possible.  Someone once told me they don't like sunshine!  I can't imagine that.  We are all different.

I like connecting.  Although I find it a tad difficult.  I put myself out there in hopes of making meaningful connections.  I went to an artist meet-up last week.  I had to force myself to be brave and talk to strangers.  Not my idea of a good time.  Still, I am glad that I went.  New ideas have begun floating in my head in regard to my photography because of that gathering

Lee Anna and the gang are discussing

favorite herbs/spices

Your most used spices or herbs... what do you seem to use over and over?

I love cilantro.  It seems that it is one of those flavours that people love or hate.  Both my husband and I love it so that works!  I also enjoy hot pepper flakes but must use them judicially as hubby might melt.  I also enjoy curry but don't have any amazing recipes.  I usually buy the butter chicken sauce from Costco when I want Indian cuisine.  It is easy and delicious.  


Gorgeous picture! I've gone to classes/lectures and find it disappointing that no one really interacts much. I guess we just do the best we can. Cilantro is such a great spice! It makes everything better!
LA Paylor said…
we get prepared butter chicken too. I like cilantro.

for curry, I found Trader Joe's curry powder tastes the best to me

Mostly I make curried chicken salad... mixing in yogurt, orange marmalade, chopped apples, mayo, celery, pecans, and curry powder. We sometimes make tuna salad, chicken curry salad, and tossed salad as a big salad putting scoops of meat salads on the tossed salads. It's a great meal.
we also get jars of masala sauces to mix into sauteed veggies with meat. It's a good spicy meal over rice
It's hard to imagine not liking flowers - they fascinate me! I love cilantro, too, but I also know people who don't. To me it has a fresh, green taste!
Susie H said…
I can't imagine anyone not liking flowers either unless they are highly allergic to them? You named several fabulous spices that goes over big with Mom & me too. My husband has a "dainty" tongue and can't do hardly any spices or it burns his tongue. Too bad because he misses out on a lot of deliciousness!

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