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The I Like ladies are gathering with LeeAnna to discuss

Describe your perfect Christmas party, where, who's there, what food and drinks are served, etc

My idea of a perfect Christmas party would always involve lots of nibbly finger foods.  Crab dip, crackers and cheeses, shrimp and all that sort of thing.  I love being in my own home but any warm, cosy and relaxed atmosphere will do.  I will be hosting a tree decorating party this weekend with my sons and their families.  The food will include the above mentioned and some other things.  Lindor chocolates are always a big hit.

Where my hubby works will be hosting a Gala in January.  There hasn't been one since 2019 and to be honest I didn't really miss them.  It is an opportunity to get dressed up and I haven't done that for a long time!  So that will be fun.  I try to be a good sport it.  Honestly though I am not a party person.  One on one time with a dear friend is much more my speed.  

The above image is a photo of last year's Christmas tree manipulated in Kaleidoscope Kreator.  So fun!


What a cool picture! I missed the prompt again! I love parties but I'm not crazy about going to my husband's work parties where I don't know anyone. I like being with my friends and family with lots of food!!
Nibbly finger food is my favorite, too! Your tree decorating party sounds like fun. Love that photo of your tree!
Queeniepatch said…
I prefer celebrating with my family, eating a few small portions of Swedish traditional Christmas dishes (pickled herring, roast ham, meatballs, red cabbage salad, beetroot salad, rice gruel with milk and cinnamon, saffron buns and gingersnaps. Then I want to settle down with a nice book.

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