Slow Stitching Sunday

 I have been making slow progress on this mandala.  I love the pearl beads that I added.  I think they work quite well on this.  The yellow thread that I added is bothering me.  I either have to add more yellow somewhere else or take it out.  I am waffling on that decision.  

I think either way could work.  I hate picking out something I have done but I think I would like it better without the yellow.  But not using yellow is a well-worn path I have taken in the past.  I can let this mandala sit for a while.  I have other projects that I can stitch.

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I like the circle you made with the hand spun purple yarn. Good idea to think about the yellow if it’s bothering you.
Quilter Kathy said…
I love the pearls! And maybe adding some pretty yellow beads might help you to like this piece more?
Those pearl beads are pretty! I like the yellow stitching -it's pretty with the purple. Enjoy your stitching today!
CathieJ said…
I really don't mind the yellow on this mandala. It adds a touch of brightness. I love the pearls.
Queeniepatch said…
Great contrast between the soft pink and the dark purple. The pearls blend in beautifully.

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