Slow Stitching Sunday

 Yes, I have started another wool mandala.  I have multiple on the go.  Since they are all going into one larger piece it is okay.  Plus, I feel like I have developed the discipline to finish my projects so having a few on the go is okay.  

I am not sure if I am truly that disciplined.  I certainly have unfinished projects.  Plenty of them!  Some of them are waiting for the inspiration to finish them.  Some of them may never get finished or might get cut up to go into something else.  Not all projects require finishing.  Some of them were a lesson learned and that is enough.  

I love the way the star beads look on this mandala.  Of course, there is plenty more stitching to be done.  Possibly I will have a short time of stitching today but possibly not.  The whole family will be here and we will decorate our Christmas tree.  I quite enjoy this tradition with my sons and their families.  The food is always yummy too.

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Sarah said…
Another nice piece of wool! It’s much more interesting having several projects on the go. Hope you have a nice tree decorating with family
That's a pretty one, Angela! I like the star beads, too. Hope you're having a lovely day with your family and sampling lots of yummy cookies!
CathieJ said…
I love that background fabric. The stars are pretty.
Queeniepatch said…
I would find it boring to have only one project to work on. There are so many ideas in my head and I want to have different projects to try them out, instead of collecting those ideas in a notebook for later use. Later might never come!
Enjoy your tree decorating tradition. I will be putting up my ornaments too, soon.

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